Our goal is to have our customer's happy. Imperfections in the finish or nips are sanded out with very fine sandpaper and then buffed out before the vehicle is ready for final inspection. Older vehicles showing age on a panel adjacent to the one being refinished will be buffed to "liven up" the paint so that the refinished panels will not be noticeable. In some cases, the new paint will have a variance in texture compared to the original paint, this is also taken care of with the final sanding and polishing. The vehicle is then ready to be washed, vacuumed and inspected before delivery.


Majority of all repairs are done in house at Ron's Body Shop. Vehicles involved in collision sometimes have drivetrain or cradle damage or they might have other components shifted or bent from the impact. Therefore having the proper alignment is crucial in vehicle repair.



Our friendly, experienced staff is here and ready to fix your vehicle and have you back on the road safe. We use the latest technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. We know what we're doing and we are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

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When your vehicle is involved in a collision, there is always a chance of frame or structure damage. Structure repair is critical, if not properly fixed. This can affect the load handling and cause excessive wear on the tires and the alignment of all body panels. Ron's staff is experienced with the latest technology. We have two frame machines and computerized measuring system that assist in putting the structure of the vehicle back within factory specifications.

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